A Solemn Funeral

If you are looking for the best funeral options or cremation services that perfectly meet your budget and needs, then we can help. Our landmark and base of operations is a traditional Southern-style three-level brick-and-frame building in Knoxville, Tennessee, which houses everything needed to conduct a solemn and proper burial or cremation.

funeralOur property grounds have always been a notable spot for the locals. The verdant dogwood trees are rich with color every year and tulips grow during spring, along with other springtime flowers. Even people who have no business with us go through the driveway and circle the grounds just to marvel at the grounds’ beauty.

Our property and building, which has a winding staircase and filled with Southern décor, are where we cater to your funeral needs and honor the dearly departed. Call us so you can see the grounds and the facilities as well as make arrangements with you during this difficult time.


We make arrangements so your funeral or burial will go smoothly and solemnly. Plus, we make every service as beautiful as possible to make it a fitting tribute to the departed.

To make burials easier, some of the services that you will most likely get are the following:

•    Help in filing for benefits
•    Bagpipes
•    Dove releases
•    Celebration of Life DVD
•    Pallbearers (when needed)
•    Flower arrangements
•    Offering caskets, vaults, and urns
•    Composing obituaries
•    Conferring burial details with the clergy
•    Procuring death certificate

Caskets and Urns

An important part in the burial or cremation process is the urn or casket. After all, what better way is there to honor your departed loved ones than letting them rest in beautifully handcrafted caskets? Our facility has a wide selection of vaults, caskets, and urns that have been selected for the material and craftsmanship. We provide families with various options in terms of price, features, beauty and protection.

Some of your options for caskets, casings, markers and urns include:

Metal Caskets. Usually made of steel, copper and bronze, metal caskets are selected for their available finishes. They offer long-term protection and are more durable than wood caskets. Copper and bronze caskets are the most durable.

As you choose a metal casket, know that they come in various finishes, styles, grades, and gauges, thus, have a talk with the burial director who can help you choose the right metal casket. Such caskets can be customized in ways to reflect your dearly departed loved one’s life.

Hardwood Caskets: These classical and elegant caskets are available in maple, poplar, ash, walnut, mahogany, and oak and cherry. They look more traditional and are chosen often because of their beauty, rich finish, and warmth. Handcrafted wood caskets may be personalized to reflect your departed loved one’s life.

Outer Burial Containers and Vaults: They protect a casket from the elements of weather, thus, they offer the casket long-term and maximum protection. Some cemeteries require you to use an external burial container to help protect the cemetery grounds. With this regard, have a talk with the funeral director.

Markers and Monuments: You need to place them in a cemetery and use them as permanent memorials. They mark the grave with anything – ranging from a simple marker to an intricate monument. As all markers (even the simplest ones) entail customization (like information presented, font styles, materials, colors, etc.), do coordinate with our staff to help you with your needs.

Urns: Used to contain cremated remains, urns come in various styles and prices. Their styles range from simple casings to grandiose works of art. Before choosing your urn, you have to determine what it is for. Is it to be displayed at home, for scattering, niche placement, or for burial? Our urn choices and styles are unlimited, so you won’t have a problem choosing the urn you need.

Value Package

If you want a hassle-free burial , which offers your departed loved one the respect he/she deserves, you can take advantage of our ‘Value Package’ for a conventional funeral with various features including: basic services of staff and director, burial ceremony, other preparations, removal of remains, standard registry package, use of hearse, and non-protective Triton Casket (gauge 20). However, the package price does not include cash advances, taxes and burial container.

The Grieving Process

When someone in your family dies, emotions among surviving family members tend to overlap clear thoughts. However, it is still vital to maintain a semblance of clarity and provide us with the necessary information when making burial or cremation arrangements.

Some of the pertinent information required is full legal name, mother’s maiden name, and the deceased person’s date of birth, legal residence, spouse’s name, education level, and legal residence, place of birth, occupation, and social security number.

Other information necessary in processing the funeral include: obituary information, recent photograph, burial clothing, jewelry, photos for memorial video, insurance policy information, and military discharge papers.

To help you go through the burial or cremation process, call us. We are available all the time. We make all the necessary arrangements and help you put your loved one to rest peacefully.

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seo servicesFor many online businessmen, the expense of hiring an SEO consulting firm might be a bit of a concern. One of the advantages of having an online business, after all, is the lower operating expenses. You understandably want to find out what benefits you stand to gain before you shell out the money.

To ease your worries, these benefits would help you appreciate the big picture:

• Great Traffic

Search engine optimization will bring traffic to your business website. This is not to say that you do not already have visitors going to your site. In fact, an SEO consultant (such as the one featured at http://www.chronistsempelis.com/) can even analyze your traffic for you so that you can improve its quality as well. It is not only important that you have a lot of visitors on your site. What you need is quality traffic. This means that these are visitors who are most likely to do business with you and possibly even refer other customers to your business. You can target customers from specific demographic groups or geographical locations. SEO can even help you expand your market to bigger and more profitable markets.

• Income

seoWhen you have quality website traffic, you are likely to enjoy more income as well. For as long as your products and services deliver what they promise, the steady traffic from SEO efforts can translate to handsome profits. The continued patronage of these visitors as well as their referrals will bring in a steady stream of income. Of course, while you are optimizing your site, you also need to ensure that all other aspects of your business are running smoothly for seamless and hassle free product or service delivery. When you hire an SEO consulting firm like http://www.chronistsempelis.com/to worry about your optimization for you, you can spend your time and energy attending to the various areas of your business operations.

• Business sustainability

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The Making of Modern Custom Embroidered Patches

Stitch by Stitch

In the early 1800s, custom embroidered patches were labors of love by the wives, mothers and sisters of soldiers who wore them in battle to denote their alliance and their rank. If a patch got irreversibly soiled or damaged in war, another one had to be completely remade from scratch. Thus, each patch took plenty of time and effort, even if the design was the same.

Since the dawn of the age of computers, things have become more streamlined. Today, artists need only to make a single digital image that is processed by a computerized embroidery machine to make multiple copies of the design. Because of this, intricate patches can now be made in a record period of time.

With most patch making companies, there are only a few easy steps to getting your very own set of custom embroidered patches. In fact, the process is so easy that if you have adequate artistic skills and money to invest on an embroidery machine, you could probably do it yourself.


First, a template must be made. You can have the company’s in-house designer make one according to specifications and reference material that you provide. If you’re handy with the pencil, you can draw your own design for the designer to reproduce digitally.

The most common programs used for the template are Adobe Illustrator and Inscape. These programs create vector drawings, which are smooth and scalable to any size without loss in quality. This means that you can create great-quality custom embroidered patches in a variety of sizes, whether it be a small scout-style badge or a large one for a baseball cap. Find information about patches www.patches4less.com .

The resulting image can then be imported into embroidery software such as BERNINA or Drawings. Some embroidery machines come with their own software as well. The software allows the designer to select the closest thread color, adjust the direction of the thread and
determine its coverage. A 100% coverage tends to be more expensive but will cover the backing entirely. A 50% or 75% coverage will mean that portions of the twill backing will be
visible in between stitches.

At this point, the patch maker will then send you a digital proof of your design. It is important to make any changes at this phase while it is still possible to make them with very little added effort and at no additional cost.

Once you approve of the design, the design will be transferred to the embroidery machine. This is when the actual stitching begins. Twill fabric, a type of cloth with a diagonal weave, is generally used by patch making companies. This is because twill has a strong weave
which visually also mimics the diagonal ridges of embroidery, particularly useful when you’re not choosing a 100% coverage. This twill fabric is secured on the hoop on the machine. It is important that the fabric does not move in the process of stitching else the
result will be crooked.

The design is then stitched onto the twill by the machine color by color. Some household embroidery machines will require you to manually change the thread once it’s done with a color.

The resulting custom embroidered patches are then ready to sew onto your clothing or stuck on with a heat-sensitive adhesive.

The process of making embroidered patches has come a long way since the days of hand-stitching. They are now ever more accessible and affordable, even to ordinary people who don’t have time (or family members) to do embroidery themselves. And if you manage to lose that baseball cap with your beautiful embroidered patch design, it’s easier to get a replacement that’s just like it.

Important Things You Need To Know About Challenge Coins

The military, known for its key elements of loyalty, honor, respect, and gratitude, has a long-standing tradition of giving away challenge coins. This tradition is being followed from before up to now. There are many stories telling about where and how these coins started. Some of the stories are even dated way back during the First World War. Since many stories are believable, determining whether what is the real story is yet to be confirmed.

What Are The Different Names For Challenge Coins?

Since challenge coins have been used in the military for a very long time already, they are also known for having different names. Other names used for these coins are military coins, unit coins, memorial coins, commander’s coins, and squadron’s coins.

What Are The Different Uses Of These Coins?

1. If a soldier reached an important event in his military career, one way to congratulate him in this milestone is to award a challenge coin.

2. A soldier, before he will be deployed on the field, is also awarded a challenge coin. This challenge coin is given to build the soldier’s morale and confidence.

3. Unit leaders are giving away these coins to his soldiers to show that he respects and appreciates them as a member of his troop. If a solder received a challenge coin, then it is expected that he will carry the challenge coin with him at all times. Once he carries the challenge coin with him, he can place the coin inside the pocket of his uniform or he can also wear it around his neck.

How Much Does A Challenge Coin Cost?

challenge coinsSince challenge coins have many uses, they also appear with different designs. They can go as simple coins with inexpensive designs and materials, but they can also be expensive with complicated and intricate designs. There are many expensive coins with engraved precious stones added to the design.

These coins can also be made of different materials. However, most of these coins are made of nickel, copper, silver, and the most expensive ones are made of gold. If a challenge coin is made of gold, then it means that the coin will be given as the highest reward possible.

The Military Coin Challenge

One of the things a challenge coin is popular of is the military coin challenge. Most soldiers are practicing this game and it has become a tradition in the military as well. Since most soldiers who have these coins need to carry them at all times, the military coin challenge can be practiced at all times as well. Once the challenge starts, all soldiers must participate. This challenge is facilitated in order to identify those soldiers who are always carrying their coins and those who are not.

The rules for the military coin challenge are:

1. The challenger must pull out his own challenge coin. He must show it to everyone and should shout, for everyone to hear, that a military coin challenge will commence.

2. Once the military coin challenge started, every soldier who is within the vicinity must present his own challenge coin.

3. If someone does not have his own challenge coin with him during the military coin challenge, he must purchase a round of drinks (which is usually alcoholic beverages) for those participants who were able to show their own coins.

4. If all participants were able to show their own coins, then the challenger, who initiated the challenge, must purchase a round of drinks for everyone.

5. If a person, whether it is the participant or the challenger, refused to purchase a round of drinks, then he will be punished or will be subject for dismissal.

Understanding the Process of Ordering and Designing Custom Lanyards

To fully appreciate custom lanyards, it is important to understand just what is done and how much effort is exerted in creating one. It is not a one-step process, and it certainly is not just about picking one and taking it home right away. The client gets to pick the design and more likely, it does not end there. The lanyard manufacturer will produce a proof of the suggested design first and then present it back to the client. The client may not be automatically pleased about it. You are starting to get an idea as to how personalizing can take time and effort, but provide you with a well-crafted end product.

Negotiations and design

First, the client will visit a few lanyard manufacturers and designers to see whose rates would fit his budget and preferences best. He might shortlist some just to make sure that he is covering all bases. Once he finds the best option, he could present the intended design and negotiations would be made. The manufacturer may make some suggestions or accept the design as it is. This could become a quick meeting or it could also extend, especially if the client is still not sure about what he wants.

Initial designs

Initial designs could be created. The lanyard seller/manufacturer may provide a brochure of similar designs just to get a clearer idea as to what the client wants. The client may also come complete with digitally designed and printed designs to make sure that the graphics is done right. Things may move on more smoothly if the custom lanyards only require personalized texts, such as a motto or the simply the name of the company. Some clients may request variations of the same design for different types of employees, segregated by rank, although most companies use the same lanyard design for everyone.

Process depending on material

Once a design has been agreed upon, a material should be selected. The process for manufacturing custom lanyards would vary depending on the material selected. If the images and texts would be printed, polyester or silk may be the preferred materials. A silk screen process is required when designing polyester and a dye sublimation process is done when creating images and texts on silk. Polyester, however, may also be used for stitching the design on.

Sending the proof

Custom LanyardsThe manufacturer would create a single proof of the design before going into mass production mode. He would send or show the proof to the client. If no changes would be made then the mass production can proceed. The client also has the responsibility to send a feedback quickly if he wants the final products delivered on time.


Delivery would proceed as negotiated upon once the custom lanyards are finished. The client could opt to pick up the lanyards or to have them delivered to the company address. It should be clear beforehand if there would be additional delivery charges.

Incorporation into the company

Once the lanyards are delivered, the client has to make sure that they are incorporated into the company as soon as possible. After all, they have been commissioned to provide the company a sense of identity and corporate branding. Every employee must have an ID with the personalized lanyard.

It takes a few processes to complete a personalized lanyard for a company or institution. Because of this, employees must respect the ID and what they each represent in their companies. They are wearing the IDs, and therefore also the lanyards, and must therefore project a certain kind of identity. After all, the people are part of the branding of any institution.

Things to Consider when Looking for the Right Golf Grips

There are times when golfers’ swings are off because of some factors – such as the golf grips needing replacement. Typically, these grips are only good for a specific length of time. It will come to a point where they may start to feel sticky or slippery. This is a clear indication that these grips definitely need replacement.

However, there are instances where it’s much better to replace the grips before something happens. It’s also not a good idea to wait until they’re worn enough before replacing them even if they are not really right for a golfer and if it’s affecting his/her swings.

Golf gripsFinding grips shouldn’t be hard since there are lots of sporting goods shops, especially online. However, a serious and meticulous golfer understands that it’s not just about buying a new one. It’s also about looking for the best grip size, type, etc.

What are the things to consider when looking for golf grip replacements?

•The right grip size.

It’s the most important thing to consider in buying a new grip. Buying a grip that’s too large or even too small could greatly affect a golfer’s swing. It’s not entirely clear how proper grip size could affect the swing. However, what’s concrete is that, there are other factors that could actually affect the swings more than the grip size can.

What are the benefits of having the right grip size? It increases the golfer’s efficiency in his swings. If for example, the golfer has arthritis which can result to a weak grasp, holding a small club is ineffective, uncomfortable, and painful for him. In this case, going for larger grips will not only help him grasp the club more firmly and securely, it will also help him protect his hands from pains that are caused by hitting the ball with the aid of the club’s impact-resistant cushioning.

A secured club grip provides much needed accuracy, control, and trajectory. Unsecured club grips may cause the golfer to commit unnecessary, clumsy faults.

How does one determine if the golf grips are proper in size? There’s a simple way to do it. Just wrap the hand around the grip of the club. If the 2nd and 3rd fingertips don’t reach the pal, the grip is too big for the golfer. On the other hand, if these two fingers reached the palm but are more than slightly touching it, the grip is just too small.

•Grip types.

Another thing to consider is the grip type because not all golf grips are the same. Typically, the materials, design, and texture of the grip will affect the golfer’s way of securely holding it.

In general, common grip types are available but there are grip types that are specifically made to meet some specific needs. Since these special grip types are not widely available, conducting research is essential in order to make the right decision.

•Grip comfort.

Golf grips are made from different materials that give their own unique benefits. The most common material in making club grips is rubber which can either be soft or hard. Some grips have fabric layers that are tightly-fitted on top to prevent moisture while the golfer is holding the grip. Golfers have different preferences about the materials used in grips, but what’s more important for them is the comfort that the texture of these materials can bring.

Combine all these factors when buying new grips and it is assured that a golfer will have an improved performance on his swings – this, of course, can result to a significant increase in proficiency level, transitioning from mere beginner to true professional.

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Choosing Right Attachments for Your Badge Holders

Badge holders are school and office supplies made of vinyl, plastic, or RFID-compatible sleeves. Basically, they are used in securing cards such as identification cards, smart cards, and proximity cards. They prevent these cards from getting any dirt or dust.

Badge holdersThese badge holders are usually attached to lanyards. Lanyards are accessories worn around the neck. They are made of polyester, nylon, satin, or other stitched materials. To connect card holders to lanyards, metal or plastic attachments are needed.

Different Types of Badge holders

1. Vinyl Holder

These are the most common type of card holders. They have different sizes and orientation. They also come in chain holes.

2. Colored Vinyl Holder

There is an indicator on the side of the card holder where the slots are located.

3. Zippered Vinyl Holder 

This card holder can be zipped when the user inserts or removes the card. It provides extra protection for any type of card.

4. Shielded Card Holder 

This type is equipped with a thin layer of metal that prevents any unauthorized sources to track the information of the card owner.

5. Hard Plastic Holder 

It comes with different colors. It is extremely durable and it protects the electronic components of the cards.

6. Proximity Card Holder 

This is a heavy-duty type of holder. It is designed for thicker cards. It can also hold multiple items.

7. Economy Badge Holder

This type is commonly used in events as ticket holders, nametag holders, and souvenirs.

8. Earth-friendly Card Holder

It employs materials that are less hazardous to the environment compared to vinyl and rigid plastic.

Attachment Choices

1. Bulldog Clip

Use this attachment if your card holder has a horizontal slot. This clip will help in keeping your badge in place. Security personnel can easily check your information through this attachment.

2. Trigger Hook

To insert your card holder, you have to pull the tiny lever of the trigger hook. This attachment is also referred to as the lobster claw.

3. Metal J Hook

Also called as swivel hook, metal J hook also has a tiny lever. Your card holder will tend to swivel if you use this attachment.

4. Attachment Loop

Instead of clip or hook, it has a thread which you should loop through the slot of your card holder. Make sure you tie the thread properly to prevent your card from falling if you use this attachment.

5. Plastic Hook

Similar to a bulldog clip, a plastic hook can stabilize your card holder. It has a clip slide which you should push to insert or remove your badge holder.

6. Detachable Plastic Hook

In this type, you should detach the plastic hook first in order to put in your card holders. Aside from that, it is similar to a regular plastic hook.

Badge Reel Choices

Badge reels are add-ons to your lanyard. They are perfect for logo customization. They add a statement to your lanyard. Badge reels are put between the lanyard and the attachment.

1. Round Badge Reel

It has a variety of colors and styles. A material called epoxy gives your logo a distinct sheen, especially on the round badge reel. It is best paired with a metal clip attachment.

2. Logo Badge Reel

Its only difference with round badge reel is the size. It is larger to put greater emphasis on your logo.

3. Square Badge Reel

This type is for people who want to have a more elegantly shaped badge reel to match their equally regal lanyards and badge holders.

4. Carabiner Reel

This is the most modern type of badge reel. Carabiner reel has a chrome metal that borders your logo. It is for the stylish person in you.

Now that you know all about those options, it’s time to consider your needs and preferences – think thoroughly as you plan your order.

How Content Writers Become Guest Bloggers

Search engine optimization is a tedious process for maximizing traffic or number of visitors to a certain website through making the site appear high up on the list of results that search engines return. The ones mostly in charge of search engine optimization are the content writers. This is their main job responsibility.

For the search engine optimization, content writers generally have to write high quality articles. They can post these high quality articles on their own website or they can find article websites they can publish their articles into. They can also become guest bloggers. If you prefer to be a guest blogger, there are steps that you have to take for it.

The first step to becoming a guest blogger is to build a list of those guest blogging sites you may want to write for. There should be listings online that cater to authors who want to become guest bloggers. You can also look for the blogs that are listed in your Feedly stream that has a guest posting feature.

If you already have a list of potential sites you can guest blog for, you will then have to do a qualitative analysis on them. The qualitative analysis basically analyzes the quality of the blogging sites you have found. For this analysis, you will be required to know the site’s page rank, generated traffic, and engagement levels.

You cannot focus on all of the sites you have listed simultaneously. Thus, it is recommended that you choose only two or three guest blogging sites to focus on. Content writers can start out with joining their mailing list as well as commenting on the articles written in there. Do not forget to share posts published in the said sites in your social media accounts.

Content writerAfter a while, you can then start developing a list of ideas for articles that match well with the overall content of the guest blogging site. Make sure that the ideas will really appeal to the site’s readers. However, it should still related to the core topic of your own website. The ideas should then be refined. Look for an angle where it will be presented as more fun, more entertaining, and more informative.

Once you have refined the article ideas you came up with, you should then propose them to the guest blogging site’s moderator. Email the guest blogging site’s moderator and pitch the article ideas to them. You should follow the guidelines for guest bloggers that these websites have imposed, though.

The article writing process comes next. Just because the article is to be published as a guest post and away from your own website does not mean that you should write lower-quality articles. You should write it to the best of your ability, especially since your name will be posted as the author of that article. Keep the article informative and high quality.

The use of blurb is advantageous. Most guest blogging sites these days allow content writers to have a section at the bottom of the article all to themselves. You can write an “About the Author” blurb in this section. This is the section where you will introduce yourself as the author of the guest post. You also have to write something in the blurb regarding your own domain. For guest bloggers, you should be allowed to include at least two links in this particular section.

For content writers, it is necessary to have a Google+ profile. When the guest blogging site had already published your guest post, you should then add that guest blogging website you have just contributed to in your Google+ profile. By doing this, you can build your authority as a writer for reputable websites. Google is now measuring Author Rank so you should do this properly. With Author Rank, you now have another method for adding relevance to your very own domain.

5 Lessons from Multimillion Real Estate Agents

Every real estate agent wants to score the deal of his life, and that involves a seven- to eight-digit contract. It’s not easy to penetrate the luxury market, more so earn hundreds of thousands in commission from a single deal alone. However, there are realtors who have proven that it’s not impossible to be a million-dollar agent.

We collected some of their lessons to help you learn more about this industry. Of course, these will be particularly useful if you wish to one day join the ranks of our most trusted partners.

1. Experience is the best teacher – Josh Altman

There is no shortcut to it, and that is what Josh Altman learned throughout his career. Mastering negotiation for him is different from mastering the industry, which is the key when dealing with very meticulous millionaire clients. Trust him when he says that you need to explore the industry in as many aspects as you can. He knows what he is saying, and it shows in his hit reality show the Million Dollar Listing in Bravo TV.

real estateAltman started in flipping houses, which he practiced for 10 years. He shifted to finance until he ended up where he is now—selling multimillion mansions. He knows how the industry works, to and from the stage where properties are constructed, financed, marketed, and sold.

You should learn that way too. You shouldn’t limit yourself to just selling if you want to achieve the greatest heights of being an agent.

His biggest deal: a $16.5 million Beverly Park mansion.

2. Industry trends and market preferences are constantly changing – Emily Beare

In fact, Beare thinks that it has already shifted.

Clients used to prefer “Wall Street” type properties—very formal, straightforward, and business-centered. Nowadays though, clients are becoming more artistic, preferring properties that don’t only have commercial value but artistic value as well.

On her experience, some clients are willing to wait for years just to find the right house that they can truly feel they belong to. There is this connection that some people want to feel before considering outright factors in choosing real estate.

Her biggest deal: a $13 million New York apartment.

3. Introduce the property to your clients – Raymond Bolduc

Bolduc is a treasure chest of lessons that new and experienced agents would want to learn. Trust him because his experience in the industry is long enough to see industry bubble blow up and pop. His clientele spans multiple continents as a matter of fact.

When selling a multimillion house, he doesn’t tour the clients to see it; he throws a gala to fit what luxury partying means. He organizes events, showcases luxury items, and allows clients to conduct networking with one another. The food and drinks are far from mediocre as well.

There was even a time when his party by the bay where the house was located happened with the clients aboard different yachts. This is how a multimillion agent pampers millionaire clients.

We think that it’s a little extravagant at first, but hey, if you have an eight-digit property listed, would it really matter to spend a few tens of grand for marketing? Besides, doesn’t building rapport with clients lead to long-term business relationship, more or less?

He really ensures that the clients enjoy the property so much that they would want to have it before they leave the party. Go to the level of your clients and entertain them in a way they mostly prefer. The clients need to feel that the property matches the luxury that they are.

His biggest deal: a $20 million eight-bedroom house on North Bay Road.

4. Approach potential buyers before listing a property – Nancy Callahan

The first thing most real estate agents do is list a property to jump-start the marketing strategy. Doing this may get you dozens of potential clients ringing your business line, but are those potential clients really what you need?

Callahan believes that millionaire clients are too precious to make the call. An agent should be calling them. That’s the way they wanted to be treated.

Before listing a luxury property, Callahan approaches a potential buyer first, someone who fits the high profile and high selling price of the property. She contacts them directly, a tactic that actually works if you have the right offer.

When this tactic fails, she resorts to advertisement before finally going to property listing. It is the “where” that makes an advertisement of a high-end property successful. What’s her personal favorite? It’s a full-page ad in private jet magazines. Her tactic is so straight-to-the-point that she rarely misses her target.

Her biggest deal: a $27 million mansion in Hawaii, the biggest deal for a home in Maui.

5. A client without a face is as good as nothing – Phil Collins

No, he’s not the Grammy-award winning recording artist that you are thinking right now. They have a similarity though. Collins sells multimillion mansions while his singer-counterpart sells millions of albums.

Collins is a believer of advertisement through his own website. However, in his years of dealing with faceless inquirers, he has learned that a client with no face is as good as nothing. You really have to know who your client is to cater to his needs and to make him realize what he really wants.

His biggest deal: a $13.7 million Naples mansion.

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Trading Time with Trading Baseball Pins

There are times when a person will look into doing something to get him to get away from stressful work. Picking up a hobby is one way to relieve stress. Some would start collecting items such as rare coins and stamps for their hobby. Others would start collecting different kinds of baseball pins.

baseballpinsWhen you get into custom pin collecting, buying, selling and trading them with other collectors can be expected. Some would follow a certain theme, like collecting pins that are sold and can be acquired in amusement parks like Disneyland. Disneyland would even hold an annual Pin Trading Event for enthusiasts that collect only Disney pins. Sporting events can be another source of custom pins and there are pins that are made every year. These pins can either show off the name and logo of the event, or will have a different theme for certain teams that will be participating.

Trading pins is another way to acquire the pieces that you would want for your collection. When trading with a fellow collector, an agreement must be met first before the trading can take place. If the collectors are away from each other, emails and online forums can be one means of setting a trade. Pin trading events will be another where collectors can meet in person and start trading. Baseball games can become an event for pin enthusiasts as well and rare pins can suddenly become available in that event.

As with any hobby involving items to collect, limited edition pins can be seen and can be available for trade. These kinds of pins are the ones that are made with only a limited number of prints or had become available during a special event. Other kinds of rare pins would be those that were made by major sponsors for a certain event and are not printed again afterwards. These are the kinds of pins that veteran collectors would stop for nothing in order to get them.

The common place to get some custom pins would be from sports teams or sporting clubs. Those are the kinds of pins that can be available the whole year and are printed each year, and each year they will have a different design, so collectors can appraise them at a higher value.

Baseball pins are made from metal and copper is the most common choice. The copper metal bases are moulded and then cut, and then they are plated afterwards once the pin is done. These pins would vary in sizes, from as small as 1.5 inches and may go to somewhere as big as 2.5 inches. The common method for them to be attached would be with the use of a butterfly clasp that is pushed onto a prong at the back of the pin.

When you meet other custom pin collectors, you may get surprised at how diverse each collector can be. There are kids that may already have a huge collection, or those that grew up collecting custom pins and have some of the rare pieces that they can easily show off. There are also some that just want to complete a certain theme for their pins and there are some that will go to any length just to get the baseball pin that they want. Most of these collectors are serious with pin collecting and they can be present at an event where pin trading can be possible.

Starting out with baseball pins trading may be hard at first, but once you get into the details and roots of it, it becomes as easy as riding a bicycle. There are other hobbyists that are willing to give a helping hand to those that had just joined in on the fun. They can then give some tips when starting a trade.

When a pin collector prepares for a trade, usually he would wear some of his pins on his clothes. The common places to wear them are on vests or caps. These baseball pins can then be seen by other collectors, and they can be pointed out to say they want to have a trade with one of their own. Once negotiations are done, they can then shake hands and a simple “Thank you!” can close the trade.

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